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Medusa  3/27/11

If Medusa stares at you, what would you do? Obviously you try not to look into her eyes, but you know you’ll stare into her eyes, hoping to bend reality and stare at her until she turns into stone. But why do we deny the obvious? Why do we refuse to accept the truth and hope that the truth will be exempted for solely ourselves? We all have the strive to be special, to stand out in front of the crowd and be honored and appreciated by everyone. This is where my dreams and aspirations come into play. I want to be successful, I want to be THE ONE to stare down Medusa and turn HER into stones. I will refuse to listen to a system set and when I’m told that things are determined and solidified. In fact, we can see life this way. Maybe we can stare like Medusa into society so hard that we may finally realize one day life isn’t all about turning into stones.

Einstein and his therapist.

Einstein and his therapist.

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everytime i fuck up and dwell on it for awhile, i remind myself how fortunate i am to have everything and everyone around me. life’s too good to let the shit dwell on you, just gotta clean the shit up, or remind yourself that it aint even shit at all.

women weed and weather

haven’t posted here in awhile, gonna treat this like my digital journey since i’ve had facebook back. feeling a little stressed, a little empty, 21, midterm thursday, midterm following tuesday, thinking about breaking conformity, but lacking things. lock, calculator, notebook, business cards, internship, internship, all in my mind, somehow not getting enough, hungry for more, dissatisfied with reality, for what it’s worth. dont understand, need some time, some space, prob take on some of those techniques from business books that ive been wanting to try, but havent found the reason/motivation to take on. need a goal, need relaxation, find a place where only i can go, then i can come back with focus, clarity, and a perspective to appreciate the joys in life that i struggle to see through these dark clouds, waiting for the dawn of a new day

september 21st 2012

Success theory:

we’re all good in our own realm of thinking, society just happens to favor one of them. now there’s two variables, luck and adaptation.
Luck - how much the realm in society matches the realm in which you prefer. and whether you were fortunate enough to find an occupation in society that suits the realm of thinking that is advantageous to you
Adaptation - how well you can adjust and utilize your preferred realm of thinking in society
The correct utilization of the combination of these two variables translates into success, by which people call destiny, when destiny is simply a combination of luck and adaptation. The percentages of each varies from person to person. Some are more “lucky” than others, while others “adapt” better. Most of the successful, happens to have both lined up for them

Understanding is the first step to driving change

Futuristic thinking and Youth:

i do it cause its fun, so one day i can look back, smile, and be happy and glad that i experienced something i wanted in that moment of youth. futuristic thinking teaches not only happiness, but prevention of regret

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money doesnt buy happiness, money buys freedom. how happy you are is determined by how much you enjoy freedom

cause the truth slaps harder than words